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Our ongoing commitment to supporting the artistic community affected by this crisis has driven us to find new and alternative ways to sustain our employment to freelancers. Through the creation of Proud Haddock At Home we launched our podcast In Quarantine, ran a series of workshops to keep out of work actors in practise and we started a weekly playreading club. Each of these projects has been engaging, fun and important for artists to look after their mental health through this difficult and uncertain time.

But the COVID-19 crisis has had a profound impact on our finances as a company and our commercial activity has been inactive now for a year. Under normal circumstances, we would be staging multiple productions on an annual basis thus offering working opportunities to a large number of creatives. Instead, our future is now at risk more than ever.

Since 2014 Proud Haddock has produced ten off West End shows. We have employed over 100 creatives and engaged with more than 20,000 audience members. If we are forced to stop our activities, that would mean putting an end to our support for the freelance theatre community.

If you are able to help Proud Haddock in any way possible, it will make an enormous difference to secure the future of our activities. You will be responsible for our re-emergence as a company, our educational activities for young people and the employment of all of our freelancers across the theatre community.

Thank you for your generosity. It couldn't be more appreciated.  

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